by Antonin De Bemels is a music video freely inspired by the track On the floor by Michael Fakesch, from his solo album Dos.

And what if you had three mouths instead of one? Mouthface is a music video for Michael Fakesch (Funkstörung). Music = weird funky electronica. Video = web-cam style freaky self-portrait.


Source: Babelgum Music



Mouthface, body, people, Video Clip


Rewind, Play, Fast Forward (2010) – The Past, Present and Future of the Music Video by Henry Keazor, Thorsten Wübbena (eds.) brings together different disciplines as well as journalists, museum curators and gallery owners in order to take a discussion of the past and present of the music video as an opportunity to reflect upon suited methodological approaches to this genre and to allow a glimpse into its future. (transcript Verlag)

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen (1994) by French critic and composer Michel Chion reassesses audiovisual media since the revolutionary 1927 debut of recorded sound in cinema, shedding crucial light on the mutual relationship between sound and image in audiovisual perception. (Colombia University Press)

Audio.Visual - On Visual Music and Related Media (2009) by Cornelia Lund and Holger Lund (Eds.) is divided into two sections: the first deals with the academic discussion on the subject of visual music; the second introduces contemporary paradigms of audio-visual praxis in brief presentations and contextualises them. Apart from being a guide in the historical sense, this new volume provides theoretical approaches to understanding and making visual music. (Fluctuating Images)



Beardbox (2009) is a deft, witty and involving videomusical self portrait by Gabriel Shalom. (Gabriel Shalom)

Volkan Ergen is a Turkish drummer, producer and visual artist. He graduated from the Istanbul Technical University's Concervatory Instrument Production Department. As a drummer he accompanied many musicians on numerous albums and worked as a producer. (The Only Constant)

ALL MUSIC: Cosmopolitan Cyborg (2007) is a series of Station IDs by Gabriel Shalom and commissioned by the ALL MUSIC Italian music television channel. (Gabriel Shalom on Vimeo)

Bolz (2004) by Berlin based Transforma. Audio by Apparat. The music is pumping as improvised cardboard robot costumes get transformed into abstract animated colors and shapes. A continuation and refinement of Spaque production techniques: Hi-gloss images out of simple, cheap materials, the juxtaposition of the polished and the rough and an homage to Chris Cunningham. (Transforma)

William Forsythe (*1949) is recognized as one of the world's foremost choreographers. His work is acknowledged for reorienting the practice of ballet from its identification with classical repertoire to a dynamic 21st-century art form. William Forsythe's deep interest in the fundamental principles of organisation has led him to produce a wide range of projects including installations, films, and web-based knowledge creation. (The Forsythe Company)