Further resources

Center for Visual Music is a nonprofit film archive dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and avant-garde media.


Visual Music blog by Maura McDonnell.


CVM Library – a wonderful resource for books and other texts compiled by the Center for Visual Music.


Synesthesia in Art and Science is a Leonardo bibliography compiled by Crétien van Campen (editor).


Synaesthesie Forum – list of books dealing with synaesthesia. (German)


See this Sound (exhibition, web archive and symposium)


The media art gallery fluctuating images deals with the diverse artistic and institutional aspects of Visual Music. Cornelia and Holger Lund and their network support the Visual Music Archive.


The Swedish VJ Union is an organization which purpose is to unite and market swedish VJs and spread knowledge about VJ-ing.


VJ Theory intends to develop a community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with Vjing and realtime interaction.


V-Atak is a label dedicated to audio and visual art made up with a hybrid mix of VJ’s, movie makers and musicians.


VJForums for all kinds of information and questions.


The community home of Cymatics is dedicated to collating, sharing and discussing cymatic research and application.


Vidauxs is an independent netlabel which aims to research, promote and distribute experimental audio and video productions.


Festivals & Awards

Visual Music Award (Germany)

CAMP – Festival for Visual Music (Germany)

Visual Music Marathon (USA)

Offf (Europe)

Seeing Sound (UK)

onedotzero (UK)

Optronica (UK)

MuVi (Spain)

CIMATICS (Belgium)

Visualux (Japan)


In Academia

At the Institute For Music And Media (Robert Schumann School of Music and Media, Düsseldorf) students can choose Visual Music as a major in the institute's two bachelor programs.


This Visual Music blog is a supplement to the Visual Music Collaborative workshop being held at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in creative partnership with Ghostly International.


AV:in is an online course created with the participation of leading audiovisual scene professionals, collectives and independent artists. AV:in was designed as a comprehensive online educational program for audiovisual studies.