VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture 


edited by D-Fuse. A major change has taken place at dance clubs worldwide: the advent of the VJ. This book is an in-depth look at the artists at the forefront of this dynamic audio-visual experience.

VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture, vvvv, pop

This book combines how-to, showcase and reference elements. It opens with a series of articles on contextual and historical issues. The central section showcases the work of more than 120 international VJs and the last chapter covers equipment (hardware and software) and typical stage set-ups (explaining installing equipment, utilizing space, creating an environment to suit an audience, etc), along with supplementary guidelines and tips on how to make a performance.


D-Fuse is a group of artists and designers from varied disciplines, who work across a range of creative media from the web, print, TV, film, art and architecture to live A/V performances. D-Fuse work in collaboration with musicians (including Scanner, Beck and Leftfield) as well as creating idents for TV studios around the world. Their clients include Nike, Universal, Nokia, Sony, Apple, Diesel and BMW.


Source: Laurence King Publishing



ISBN-10: 1856694909

ISBN-13: 978-1856694902



VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture, vvvv, popVJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture, vvvv, pop


‘vE-”jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio-Video (2006) by Xarene Eskander is a global snapshot of an exploding genre of tech-art performance: VJing and live audio-video. The book covers 40 international artists with 400+ colour images and 50+ movies and clips on an accompanying DVD and web downloads. (VJ Book)

VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance (2008) presents the major concerns of practitioners and theorists of realtime media under the categories of performance, performer and interactors, audiences and participators. The volume is experimental in its attempt to produce a collective theoretical text with a focus on a new criticality based on practitioner/ artist theory in which artist/ practitioners utilise theoretical models to debate their practices. (VJ Theory)



Leviathan is a Chicago-based, design-focused production studio specializing in the creation of large-scale visual experiences across all media. The emerging studio's leaders are champions of breakthrough design and branding who draw from experiences earned within the world's leading digital agencies, production companies, VFX and motion studios. (Leviathan)

Cycles 720 (2013) by Craig Allan is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer built using VVVV and Ableton Live with a custom M4L patch. Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, orientation and elasticity of each collision. (Craig Allan)

Chromophore (2013) by Paul Prudence is a real-time audio-visual performance work that uses a bi-directional communication between audio and visual systems to create colour-shape-sound modalities. Made with VVVV. (Paul Prudence)

Revolving Realities (2010) by Interpalazzo (Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel and Carsten Goertz) together with composer Marcus Schmickler is an autoreactive installation, one that plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a place and an object in new ways. Its surfaces projected with different images, textures and animations, the object becomes a mirror of changing realities. (Meiré und Meiré)

Bioacoustic Phenomena (2010) also known as Hydroacoustic Study by Paul Prudence was originally conceived as a live audio-visual performance piece with sound artist Francisco Lopez for a Spatial Sound event organised by Optofonica at the Smart Project Space in Amsterdam, June 2010. The piece was subsequently developed to work with Paul Prudence's own live audio compositions and sound design. Bioacoustic Phenomenon is live generative cinematic exploration of sonically activated biological events, specifically evolving cellular entities that grow in response to sound vibrations. (Transphormetic)