is a design bureau operating on an international level. From motion design productions to the visualisation of events. Since 1999, the Pfadfinderei team consists of the same seven members who have diverse backgrounds in art and design.

Pfadfinderei [fɑ:d'fɪndɜ:raɪ] offers a spectrum that crosses borders between functional design demands and advanced multimedia art.

Finding and visualizing paths was the approach that led to the name Pfadfinderei (engl. pathfinders/ boyscouts). Starting off in Berlin in 1998 as a vector orientated design bureau, Pfadfinderei soon expanded to what might be called an enhanced multimedia Wurstfabrik. The big passion of Pfadfinderei's members has always been live visualisation of music. Back in the days they were VJing in various Clubs, nowadays they are planning, creating and performing visual installations on an international level.

Since 1999, the Pfadfinderei team consists of the same seven members who have diverse backgrounds in art and design. From typography, art direction and design to strategic visual planning, these experts will spice up your brand with the appropriate style. Pfadfinderei creations live from the individual characters of Pfadfinderei members who are united by a similar approach to aesthetics, style and daily beauty.


Source: Pfadfinderei's website



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VJing (2010) is a reproduction of the Wikipedia article VJing, based upon the revision of July 25th 2010 and was produced as a physical outcome of the wiki-sprint, a collaborative writing workshop that was held 2010 in the frame of Mapping Festival, Geneva. (Greyscale Press)

VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture (2006) edited by D-Fuse. A major change has taken place at dance clubs worldwide: the advent of the VJ. Once the term denoted the presenter who introduced music videos on MTV, but now it defines an artist who creates and mixes video, live and in sync to music, whether at dance clubs and raves or art galleries and festivals. This book is an in-depth look at the artists at the forefront of this dynamic audio-visual experience. (Laurence King Publishing)

‘vE-”jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio-Video (2006) by Xarene Eskander is a global snapshot of an exploding genre of tech-art performance: VJing and live audio-video. The book covers 40 international artists with 400+ colour images and 50+ movies and clips on an accompanying DVD and web downloads. (VJ Book)



Orchestrion / Conductor (2011) by United Visual Artists was initially build as part of their ongoing relationship with the Creators Project, redesigning the main stage for Coachella 2011. Creating both a platform for performance and a standalone light and sound sculpture, Orchestrion is a collaboration with composer Mira Calix. Featuring sliding doors, the 64m3 cubic structure opens for bands to perform in it, and closes as part of its own performance taking place at set times during the three day festival. (United Visual Artists)

Rewind, Play, Fast Forward (2010) – The Past, Present and Future of the Music Video by Henry Keazor, Thorsten Wübbena (eds.) brings together different disciplines as well as journalists, museum curators and gallery owners in order to take a discussion of the past and present of the music video as an opportunity to reflect upon suited methodological approaches to this genre and to allow a glimpse into its future. (transcript Verlag)

Citizen Cope: Let The Drummer Kick (2007) has animated typography by German designer Artur Dimke. Each word has its own personality shown with an accompanying type treatment effect. (Art Culture)

Massive Attack World Tours (2003-2010) by United Visual Artists. UVA and Massive Attack have an ongoing artistic relationship. Up to date UVA have created four world and festival tours for the band, the 100th Window Tour (2003) being the first. UVA created a new stage set with a wide, sculptural LED screen as the centrepiece for the fourth tour in 2008. Perfect synchronisation between the music and the visuals was made possible by United Visual Artists’ custom d3 software. (United Visual Artists)

Universal Everything is a UK-based diverse studio at the crossover between design and art. With commissions ranging from packaging to stadium events, for clients from Apple to London 2012 Olympics. Their works have shown in galleries from Museum of Modern Art, New York to Colette, Paris. (Universal Everything)